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Love Letters aren't strange (Who do I have to shout it to?)

The lovely couple. (not shown: The unfathomable depths)

I am writing this entry a little earlier this weekend so I can focus on spending time with my special lady friend, aka my life partner aka my wife. It's Valentine's Day, but that's what we do every weekend, and to be honest it's the best.

I find it entirely appropriate every now and again to publicly proclaim my love for Kelly. After all, I do so in private every day, multiple times a day. I never get tired of doing it. It comes easily, and I do not take that for granted. She is loveable, after all. She's adorable, she's extremely caring, thoughtful, generous, justice-minded, and smart. Every day I learn something new about her to love, and learn something new about my own capacity and understanding of love. She walks the talk on being a good person daily, and that's not even the best part.

She loves me back!

I do not take for granted how blessed I feel to have her see in me all that I see in her. I have not always held myself in the best light, but the one thing I always see in an unreservedly positive light is the strength of our marriage.

It obviously isn't always easy. We've grieved the loss of loved ones, worried over the health and safety of ourselves and our family, struggled with infertility, finances, job satisfaction. We don't always agree on the state of the world and the way towards justice, even if we both fundamentally share the same values. 2020 put us into confined quarters for several months with no jobs and no real place to go, and I have to believe we made it through stronger.

Of course we're not through yet. Not even close.

And my faith has never wavered that we love each other and are (usually) on each other's team.

I will always look forward to falling asleep next to her.

I will always immediately steal a glance at her any time I hear a fart because I know she finds that shit funny.

I will actually argue with her if she ever tries to convince herself that she is anything other than an amazing human being.

I will continue to write love songs about her, even if she doesn't love them.

(Fun fact, she wasn't a big fan of Destiny until I told her it was a love song I wrote for her... That said, I celebrate ALL of my wife's opinions including about music and I would respect her less if she always told me she loved all the shit I played for her. No one needs a Yes Man for a wife. this goes both ways... ask her how I do with her in the ladies dressing room...)

I will continue to (attempt to) be the type of man that she deserves.

And my wife deserves the occasional outlandish show of affection.

(even if she's one of the only people reading this....)

Love you dimple sticks!

Jon (aka Doc Wattson) Native Stranger

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