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Daywalkerz Presents:
Know Sage Chronicles

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1. Forgotten (feat. Roseli, Know Sage)
Lyrics by: M. Lopez, J. Alba


Here again in this darkened room
Nobody, I remember you
Here again, it’s sad but true
Take my hand all I have is you
I’m just used to being alone
This lonely room is all I know
Gave up my heart too many times
Found myself just caught in lies
Ocean eyes and Open arms
What’ll disguise your firearms?
Words like ammo, a full on blow
Not the first time I should have known
Should I stay? Should i go? 
I’m finally not alone.
I’m finally not alone…
I’m finally… Not alone…


alone now, 
still standing

I’m still standing…


Know Sage: 
Remember that time? 
we supposed to spend all day together?
But I was only your ride so you could do whatever
So you could see whoever
Gotta admit you clever with all your endeavors
So don’t seek me never
But I ain’t mean it cuz I ain’t thinking the last time I seen you
Was the last time I’d see you
Why am I leaving you?
I guess I can’t see it through
Guess I can’t believe in you 
Tricks in sleeves are through
My baby shot my down, Love is a battle field
But this time I’m bullet proof
This time I’m pulling through
This time not doing you
This time I’m losing you
So I don’t lose myself or my health
You understand
Forgotten, abandoned alone, but I still stand
Forgotten, abandoned alone, but I still stand



2. Dead (feat. Erika Owen, Know Sage)

Lyrics by: J. Alba



The more I think about it, 

I don't wanna think about it, 

I just wanna scream & shout it... 

Why are you stuck in my head?!

You use to be the reason that I live, 

you was it... 

but nowadays you left me fo dead!

The more you open yo mouth, 

with what you talking bout... 

I just wanna go upside of yo head

You ain't bomb, 

acting all extra for too long, 

so I'm gone... dont care what you said!


why you feel the need to keep forsaking me?
that's where you taking me,
new levels of complacency,
you had the look I hate to see...
cause when I saw it,
no one could relate to me...
yo bullshit I bought it.
Heard you with the other,
Heard you undercovers

I ain't undercover,
I just know yo lovers
Maybe you, I smothered,
bestie not a lova?
f*** it - I know what you did all dem summers 



Erika Owen:

But still I want you here with me
But still i want you can’t you see
Why can’t we make it all work?
I guess it’s you I don’t deserve
The truth is just worse… It hurts…
I thought that we were meant to be
I thought that you were meant for me
But that's the lie I just said, I look into your eyes I'm dead,
absurd as it us, I need to learn how to live 

3. The Recipe (feat. Doc Wattson, Know Sage)
Lyrics by: J. Rayfield, J. Alba


It’s the recipe
(Cooking it up, Cooking it up)


Doc Wattson:
We fresh pressed we look good in this spot
Watts and Iowa Rockwell put a foot in the pot
It take a cold day for me to rock a hood on the block
spit spark and create static put ‘em all into shock
Code switching til I mastered English spoken in slang
Dialects dissected til I caught a flow with a twang
Brush strokes come up with art too mediocre to frame
Yet my thoughts can instantaneously go to your brain
limit my scope heard you if you focus you grow
I also know the balls I’m juggling don’t magically float 
So what’s the recipe for balancing your act on the rope
You’re faster with your heavy baggage to the back of the boat. 
This may not blow but there’s a dash of some hope
Sprinkle in some effort mix with talent passion and scope
Throw in the pot enamel coated iron if you blessed
Bake toast take notes cuz the world is a test 


Know Sage:

D#% Rockwell you shouldn’t a never cooked up this beat
I feel like Raekwon the chef, cook it up for the street
I feel like Great British Baking ‘em, cook up the sweets
F#%* it I’m Meth, John-Blazing ‘em, cooking with heat
For the team, and Daywalkerz is it
You get the picture Homie
I ain’t got that cheese, but I’ll spit bologna
Just a slice of ham, for you Tenderoni’s
No bread, instead, I elbow macaronis
Or macaroon, macaron, whatever s@%* you on
I’m on the G-free tip, so I’m far from a don
But I got tha baton, and I know that I’m bomb
Even though I’m not on a mumble rap sing song
Don’t know what you expecting when I’m in the studio session
I gotta teach these lessons and unleash all this aggression
Cuz I got a smif-n-wesson I ain’t packing no mess
And I count, all my blessings
That I know these days are stressing 
GOOD LAWD, Doc Wattson be cold crushing it
Still on the nine to five tip, glutton for punishment.


Chorus x 8

4. Fortune (Feat JN$, Know Sage)
Lyrics by: S. Harris, J. Alba

I learned early on all these ni#$*s live fictitiously
Be who you are n%#a f#% who you pretend to be
And if I ain’t learned nothing sitting up in history
I know at some point, it repeats itself eventually
That’s how n%#as get caught in the courts, litigiously
Raising they right hands on the stand, religiously
n#$&s on that refugee, Killin’ n#@!%s softly
Telling n$@&s whole lives in the DA offering
Sentence like a century, That’s why I move differently
Crooked to ya Jiminy
Sounding like the night before Santa hit the chimney
Y’all couldn’t see my visual on Vizio
Or keep up with this lyrical
Even while in stereo
Doe creepin’ on you n#&!s like I’m creeping tippy toe
Michael told you what it’s like in the mind of the Mystikal
So unpredictable
Ya’ll n#&$s ain’t ready, but uh HERE I GO

Neva give a f### about fortune 
Neva gave a f@$% About fame 
All i really want is my portion 
And lil a respect on my name 
Neva give a f### about fortune 
Neva gave a f@$% About fame 
All y’all n#%@s care about is posting 
and putting 30 thou on a chain

Fame, Fortune x3
Neva gave a F!$# about x2


Know Sage: 
I charge it to the game, but my game had bad credit
I dance with lil fame MOP don’t regret it
Everyday a life lesson, stressing can’t forget it
Made me who I am, that’s that plan, gotta let it
My top 5 still alive and they do it pride
Not for whips and the ride, not fo clips and the crime
And they still in the they prime, no over dose aint got time
I’m over folx of that kind, momma couldn’t tell me betta,

cause she was on that grind
Told her time after time, but she paid me no mind,

she died too young and that’s fine
But still aint got peace of mind…

all I got is my balls and my word, scarface
I’m esotetic with words , czarface…

I’m soldiering on with the love, sade
So is it better to be loved or feared? 
more concerned about never finding love here.. 
til then I’m on some biggie smallz,

fuck the world don’t ask me for shit
Everything you get, you got to work hard for it
Lames dying for fame, they don’t stop
And fortune gets you pain, you know this bitch


5. Took it Away (feat. Know Sage, Roseli)

Lyrics by: M. Lopez, J. Alba


Know Sage:
Took it away, took took it away
Now I'm shook and afraid and I'm looking away
Took it away...
Still I'm lost and afraid that's how I often behave
Took it away...
Why am I stuck in the fray, why do I think it's ok
Because you took it away, you took took it away
And you wanna be praised, I just happen to pay
Don’t let it be true
I can make believe just let me hold you
YOu’re real to me
Yes you’re real to me
I could try to trick my mind but I know
As time past we were shattered glass
Felt my heart turn into ash
Step by step felt needle pins
I sucked it up as my trust grew thin
Know Sage:
Saw yo pic the other day, I can't look away
Why can't you just stay, I thought that you'd be my bae
Had that look about ya, everyway, you know you slay
But Not in a good way,  I became yo prey
And i would pray that I wouldn't get it, all gobbled up
And i would never say it, oh, i just stay bottled up
I obey, i follow ya, and you got me swallowed up
That would make me hallowed up
Somebody just tell me who to trust
But its all just a leap of faith, ain't it?
So the next time i fall, i hope i won't be blaming
And i wont be tainted, even though i keep complaining
Misery loves company, the company is who I'm shaming
But maybe misery is me, I'm naming... oh no


I miss the time when we were fine
Against the world, saving our spines
we’ll be ok… but I should run away
Hate what’s right, please avoid the light
I’m afraid to see, the real side
The darkness blinds,
Makes it easier to lie




Your smile your eyes, gave me warmth inside
Let me just pretend, I can just pretend
Our faith, our trust is building up
Let me make believe, you’re all I need…
You’re all I need….

6. State of Mind (feat. Erika Owen, Know Sage)
Lyrics by: M. Lopez, J. Alba


Caught in here again
This state of mind wants me broken inside
But I can't let it win
It's just another thing stuck in my head
There's so many things, not enough time
Putting me down, will I be fine?
I'm hoping I'm wishing I'm dreaming I'll be
All right at some point, I just gotta be, I
Gotta be, I gotta gotta gotta be 
Stronger, but what does that really mean?
Don't let them see the pain, picture perfect frame
So I'm going fast, when can I relax?
I wanna live with no worries behind me
Wanna live with no time ahead of me
But I know, yeah I know, this is how it's gonna be


Gonna be ok, I'll get there someday
Stuck in a state of mind, but I will be fine
Gonna be ok, you'll get there someday
Stuck in a state mind but you will be fine


Know Sage:

One time if ya state of mind is outta state
Two times if have too much on ya plate
And three times when ya think love is on the way 
but the detour made it never really found yo way
Sometimes its easier to hate - aye
You really should leap to faith - aye
Premonition seal ya fate, self fulfilled prophecy, 
I can relate but why debate?
Cause misery's three's company 
and one on one is you loving me
But that me time on a decline so it's about time
I found better me
I ain’t tryna be, anything you said to me dawg
I ain’t trna see, f%#* w me just let it be known
But every time I see you I get stuck in the fog
So I need to be, feeding me first and that’s all
And that’s all



7. Level Up (feat. Iowa Rockwell, Know Sage, Doc Wattson)
Lyrics by: G. Maximo-Gomez, J. Alba, J. Rayfield


Chorus x2 (Iowa Rockwell)

There’s levels to the game
We ain’t the same
Trying not to fail
Like mario with the tail
Running fast before the takeoff
Up up and away ya’ll
We running on the clouds


Iowa Rockwell:
I’m chilling underwater in my toad suit
Packing a bowl watching Goku on Roku
I’m so cool, like a polar bears toenail
Go tell it on the mountain, go yell
Oh hell, tell me how we end up here again
Express mail is the only way I’m sending it
Flow sent through the wire
Since ‘Ye had rapped Through the Wire
Some days I wanna retire
Some days I wanna go higher
Lifes a mystery box
You be hittin’ with your head sometimes
You jump too high, you try to fly
Doc and Know Sage 
Killing it like ghostface
Catch me in the staircase blowing up a whole eighth
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B-A Start
Level up or hit the reset
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B-A Start
Level up homie you’ll be left


Know Sage:
Rocking tick tocking non stopping it
Drop a bit impossible kid
I ain't stopping this 
I ain't lost in it
Just paid the cost to be the boss of it
now that you listening in, you in submission
With the Cold as the winter wind 
no other synonyms
bold as sinner sinning mean mugging keep it grinning…
wait, ::brrrt:: Stick em, ha ha ha stick 'em
Buried another victim that's just how we picked em
Nowadays ain't like the past days 
more like the last days 
Sega Genesis or end of days
No extra lifes or 1ups you getting done up til sun up
Or until the funds up at least we has some fun cuz
Cuz life is too short so bump that too short 
smoke them Newports I'm on a new couse 
cooking up a new sport 
doc watts the referee Rockwell the new court 
And hate to cut it short but sage wants no remorse
only want some reverbs on my absurd verbs ya heard


Chorus x 2

Doc Wattson:
Ripped my name from the crime rags
Back when I split dime bags and spit rhymes to a time lag
I try to stay humble every time that i brag
Most of my time I’m posted up protecting my flag
Jump ship on spiked shells give the mic pain
Thresh a fresh patch of soil seed it catch a light rain
Once it’s green and weeded Cats will come and stand near
Got to throw the Lambeers, 
be what every man fears 
Someone they underestimated when it mattered most
Can’t move? You’d think that I was staring at a ghost 
Relax boo, I’m not trying to catch you 
my strides so wide I’m liable to lap you 
Wouldn’t have even seen if you wasn’t mad rude 
But I’m not Wreck-It Ralph Zangief or Bad Dudes
Not Sonic ain’t tryna do the loopty loop
But see if I don’t fuck around and hop in a tinooki suit


Chorus x 2

8. Bound (feat. Roseli)
Lyrics by: M. Lopez


Life around me got me lazy 
trying to find
An outlet that can save me, 
wish I was mine
Kinda miss what happiness felt like
Kinda miss my time 
but it’s alright
Gotta leave gotta go 
do this now
Think my brain might die, 
deadline now
My time is nothing but a distant memory
Why did this all have to happen to me?
Why can’t I go?
won’t you please let me breathe?
To my work
I’m bound
I’m bound, bow down

9. For Me (feat. Know Sage, Ericka Lane)
Lyrics by: J. Alba


Know Sage: 
Many times that way, I thought I had it
Many ways I play, I thought I grabbed i
Now every single time, that I write these lines 
I claim magic on the track, no more be tragic 
Because we pass it,
No need to study for it, fucka... 
I feel plastered
Yeah I mastered, 
how to be elastic and I ain't just clashing, 
I gotta passion for this sonny, and I ain't just bragging
I need tails wagging, mo hands clapping
And heads loving lines, so I keeps it's rapping, 
Joe J with the beats that I unpack 
And so I'm toe tapping every time that he snapping
I ain't high fashion 
or eye lashing
Just hashing out these thoughts, so just say I'm hashing
thoughts be massive at times I'm passive
Ain't a has been man time keeps passing 
And I be trashing, no skateboards only Van's and action, 
no acid but I be trashing, Da mic I'm blasting 
Ay, Know Sage just happens 


Chorus (Ericka Lane):
Still I gotta know are ya
Still I gotta know
Are ya down for me?

(Baby are you down?)

Are you down for me, Are you down for me? Are you down for me?

10. Oh Dear (feat. Doc Wattson, Iowa Rockwell, Know Sage)



Doc Wattson:
Oh dear, what have we here?
These kids is acting kind of weird…

I think I’m threatened I’m scared…

Yes officer these ni$$as here…

Oh Dear…

And two of them they have beards…

Please just act upon my fears

Yes officer these ni$$as...


Iowa Rockwell:

16 was the number of the shots sent

17 was the age when his mom wept

18 was a dream never realized

20 times the complaints never materialized

Not an isolated incident by any means

Understand why Brother Malcom said by any means

Good cop/bad cop ain’t no difference now

Crooked system hands up shoot em to the ground

Look around and they all say the same thing

It’s an uphill battle we been facing

Too many young souls lost to the heavens skies

We decide 

When the revolution will be televised 

Too many hide under the guise of fake news

Too many lies 

Too many tries to break you

Look in they eyes 

Ain’t no disguise they hate you

They despise every moment you break thru




Know Sage:

You love to hear the story again and again 

about these Bros in the city a wind

more like city of lose cause city of blues

got the blue & whites blinding 

pity for you..

Still then I was I was just a straight edge

In high school hoping for some straight head

So I strut the block showing off one pants leg

An unmarked pulled over, what's the chances

I matched description of some glances

I'm the only one with one calf muscle to show 

I guess I must be the only trendsetter, they know

And they fooled me, looked more like muscle then narcs

I was too dumb to know a narc from a shark

So they parked in the middle of the street for a start

I quickly dipped out but they got they chin out 

Tackled me & shackled me, hey, I screamed out




Doc Wattson:

Weaponize those whose s’posed to be keeping the peace

got a whole generation not fuckin’ with the police

Pistols gripped, stiff bristling you Distrust instructions, 

wrists crushed within an inch of dysfunction

Then you hear “he went for my gun” now it escalate

And no debate electric current is the best of cases

Then say he wasn’t a saint, like that is relevant

Talking bout the mouse crushed on the foot of the elephant

Who am i talking bout? Don’t seem to matter

I don’t even have to be focused to notice the pattern

And i truly appreciate the profession is hard

like any wound proper treatment will lessen the scars

I’ve had no felonies troubling me

But I have had a few D-W-Bs

No sir I don’t ride dirty I don’t speed

And it’s none of ya business whether I smoke weed

Then he said “the bottom of your lighter looks charred

OK son I’m a need you to step out of the car”

11. Overdrive (feat. Know Sage)
Lyrics by: J. Alba


Know Sage:
Things get over heated when ya get overcommitted 
So when you over plan you feel you over did it 
That overdrive keeps you alive, yeah I get it 
Try to overstand I promise you won’t forget it
Cause life ain’t nothing nothing but lightning in a bottle 
And bottles get shattered when shits in full throttle 
Pains on full tap up in here how much you swallow
No one saying hello no more Because they hollow
Need someone to follow, the gram got you wallowed
Take a hard look at yourself, you are the motto
Love who you are, err’day, you won the lotto
Keep ya loves ones close some days you need a coddle
When I’m feeling spiteful
I ain’t tryna grab a rifle
Stress I treat like a trifle
Keeps it zen and insightful 
don’t wanna be stifled
I’m the owner and the rightful 
got ideas see dem lightbulbs 
Take a look grab an eyeful
I know you overlooked, overcooked but be mindful 
You can’t do it all by yourself - so here’s a lifeboat 
Excellence is not innovation or a revival 
Consistency is what make you great that’s your arrival 


Chorus x2
C’mon, c’mooon
C’mon, c’mooon


Know Sage:
Just stand up
Just man up
Ay girl you too get them hands up!
You trying to get woke
Ended up broke
Not funds, a heart can't mend itself nope
fam wrote you off, World cut you off, 
Friends roped you off, still you ain't butter soft
Dont be dumb, just dumpster dive to stay alive
DIY days and times, 
You you know you bomb
Cuz you made it on ya own,
And you did it all alone, found a new place to roam, 
Why don’t you sit on your throne
For the maker says “good goin”
You got sense, but you don’t get a pass
Cards you got yep, yes they dealt shifty
I know it’s all sh$@y but every time they say hey you ain’t shit
You turn around on ‘em and say “correction, dog I am the shit”
Cuz sometimes you gotta just act as if
And if you don’t someone come and brandish it
These outlandish pricks make you vanquish quick
When you shoulda coulda woulda, uh, handled it
These circumstances circumvent the rich
So tell em run them jewels fast but not for they stash
For that respect you protect and your brand is this
You dont gotta like me or love me cause god loves ugly, 



12. Brand New (feat. Know Sage, Ericka Lane)
Lyrics by: J. Alba


Know Sage: Too many times lost respect, why would I settle for less
Ericka Lane: I believe, I believe
Know Sage: And I gotta protect, anything I cling to my chest
Ericka Lane: I believe, I believe



I know that you can hold me down
I look to you because I’m found
I know we had some broken hearts
But now we’ve found
A brand new start…

A brand new start…


Know Sage:
Back then didn't believe in us, 
I was young dumb and broke, 
couldn't just see just us. 
Yeah I wasted too much time doubting us 
people come and go, you stuck around for us
And I dig it tho, we were just kids you know, 
now we got kids to grow, so I gotta let you know
When life was harsh and dark, and it felt like cancer
You were there no question only answers
Mrs bright side more than beautymark your right side 
scars deep unda ya skin hidden for the pride
I'm down to ride, red light kisses & all, so stick by my side
and I won't let you fall
I love when you gut checking me yeah I was wrong
And for checking me back then, 
cause we still on
Not on to the next one, because we off that
And I often think I almost lost that
So I'm a say it everyday, you are beautiful, 
you are my favorite, I can't live without you, 
just too good to be true, 
can't take my eyes off you 20 years is proof
You are beatiful, you are my favorite, 
your just too good to be true, 
can’t take my eyes off , 20 years is truth yeah 
I'm unstuck cause of you



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