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About Doc Wattson

The Native Stranger

(Founder, Rapper, Producer, Engineer)

Doc Wattson started rapping while studying literature and jazz at Washington University in St. Louis. While digging through the stacks at the local radio station, Wattson developed a strong affinity for the brutally honest and vulnerable hip-hop that wasn't getting radio play. Storytellers fascinated him from Sage Francis and Slug to Slick Rick and Redman. After graduating, Doc Wattson stayed in St. Louis with his college band Sac Lunch and had a brief but noteworthy career, releasing a full-length LP in 2005.

Growing up mixed in the north suburbs, Wattson always struggled with where he fit in. When he returned to Chicago from St. Louis he was home, yet he was a stranger to the hip-hop community. In efforts to network he stumbled into an open mic and linked up with producer Visto (Machine Wash Music) to produce the Native Stranger EP in 2009. And then life stepped in: Marriage, career, home....

Aside from a few features and side projects (shout out to Chi-Native and Heaven Seventies!), Wattson was pretty much dormant until 2018 when he linked up with rapper Know Sage who inspired him to create the Daywalkerz, a diverse collective of artists focused on contributing to a cohesive, soulful, meaningful expression. The Daywalkerz EP dropped in 2019, and the spark was re-lit.

In 2020, Wattson is releasing Bonsai with longtime friend and producing mentor Ronesh, working on a rock music project (More on that soon!), and developing a Daywalkerz 2.0 project.

About the Daywalkerz

The Daywalkerz EP draws musical inspiration from hip-hop, punk, electronic music, and R&B, and the end production is driving and rich. At its core The Daywalkerz are a hybrid, a mix of cultures, of styles, of life experiences. What glues each song together is a common theme, a steady rhythm, and mutual respect for each other’s creativity and passions.


About Know Sage

(Rapper, Producer)

His dad sang and played keyboard for a cover band during his younger years, so music was always was around for Know Sage. He eventually came up freestyling with his cousins, and collaborated during his high school and college years to form a local hip hop crew (3rdEyelanders).

Know Sage (also stylized as Nosaj) was an emcee part of 3rdEyelanders (, a  Chicago Hip Hop group formed in 1999, that recorded 2 albums (Life Beyond the Shore 2001 and Music Heroes in 2003) and performed live shows during that time at Subterranean in the Wicker Park/Bucktown area.

Know Sage also recorded some music and performed with rap rock group LifeEcho, such as performing with them at the Double Door in 2007.

Major influences: Wu-Tang & KRS-ONE


About Roseli

Music has always been a major part of Roseli’s life and a dream career for as long as she can remember.


Sophomore year, Roseli wrote an original song called “Iron Chain” that was recognized by Hamilton officials. She was then selected to perform in front of a crowd of more than 2,000 people on the Chicago stage of Hamilton. After her performance, her voice was even compared to Grammy award winner Sara Bareilles by Times Square Chronicles. Roseli says it was one of the most exhilarating and best moments in her life.


Although Roseli loves making music, her true passion for pursuing this career comes from the people she sees smile and feel happy through her performances. She wants to make music to touch people’s hearts, connect with others, inspire, and make sure that her audience will never feel alone. Currently, Roseli spends her time perfecting her songwriting, singing, guitar, and keyboard skills. Daywalkerz is still just the beginning for this contemporary and alternative R&B artist.


Major Influences: DEAN, Hayley Williams, and Kehlani


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