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The Wattson Wednesday W(rap) #1


Note: Pic not taken at time of publishing.

I was on such a roll with the weekly writing reflection. And then Sunday came around and I DID sit to write. I got about 500 words down, and I had a topic solidifying about learning to accept loss both literally and emotionally. Even had a few pins in some clever images to search for to augment my narrative. And then I just, kinda, stopped.

Fun fact: Tom Hanks gets paid a bonus if his character does not simulate urinating on screen.

And then Sunday passed without a reflection.

And Monday. And Tuesday.

I will probably complete the aforementioned reflection. Maybe soon.

But it doesn’t matter.

This isn’t the end. Actually, it’s kind of the opposite.

Is this product the death of irony?

I set out writing weekly to achieve a few goals:

  • Create structure in my life at a time I desperately needed it

  • Build the muscle of writing through focused repetition

  • Find comfort telling stories in different formats

  • Keep creative spark lit

their exultant faces froze in horror when they realized the sun rose behind them...

Not only did I achieve all those goals, but I finally became confident enough to begin walking a new career path in a new and rapidly expanding industry. It wasn’t just from the writing (diligent networking supported by a tireless support system including family, coaching, and therapy to name just a few).

But writing helped open the door to me taking better control of my life outside of work. It helped me build structure in ways concrete and abstract.

Recording music is a project with an inherently vague scope and timeline. Of course, you can force constraints and find wells of improvisational genius, but you still have to capture it, properly mix it, and get all stakeholders on board with the sound.

This scene in Tenacious D's Pick of Destiny actually captures the process PERFECTLY

I’m pretty good at getting my head around what it takes to make discrete songs sound good.

Where things get dodgy is the ‘now what?’ part of the challenge.

I have been busy y’all.

I’ve been engineering a few projects, writing a ton of new material with a few different producers. I created so much music this summer that I forgot to release a song at the beginning of September like I intended.

But now what?

There's no less than four things I want to hate about this image but can't.

The music is coming (that forgotten one SOON). Most of the songs are all very much in that vague spectrum between IN PROGRESS and COMPLETE, with a few recent sprints towards the finish lines. I’ve got music with new collaborators, and I’m continuing to meet and build with new creative talent along my journey.

I know, even the description is vague. The scope of what is being created, what works in what projects, how the projects are being released, etc. are all still very much TBD, but…

A higher level answer to the “now what?” question with respect to Native Stranger content:

I will still make space physically and mentally for the weekly reflection, but I will also honor my energy and account for my erratic schedule and forgive myself if I skip a week or submit on Saturday/Monday instead of Sunday morning.

I am also going to try out a few other formats this fall and see if they resonate with my community. The first column is this one! The Wattson Wednesday W(rap) will be where I share 1) updates on new or upcoming music projects or 2) Deep dives into the ideas I share in songs with lyrics (a RapGenius-style format for my own shit, lol I know I know…)

The second format will be oriented around cannabis. I’m thinking like a “Flower Friday” or some similarly alliterative title. In this column I’ll share strains I’ve discovered, talk about what’s exciting me in the industry, and perhaps eventually engaging in some broader conversations with cannabis consumers/industry professionals.

So, yeah. That’s what.

Feel free to tune in and out to whatever. I’ll definitely pay attention to what’s being consumed, but as you may already be aware I’m not exclusively doing this with the intent it will receive an audience. That said, it’s always an honor and a pleasure to share my thoughts with you and have you read/engage with them. STAY TUNED! Best, Jonathan “Doc Wattson” The Native Stranger

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