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Native Stranger Productions

A Hearty Hello!

For nearly a year Iowa Rockwell and I have been collaborating on... something...


We had no idea what it was at first to be honest.


We just knew that we had a mutual respect for each other's creative process, and some time on our hands... So we set out to meet up on a regular basis, usually on weekday mornings in the summertime, and quickly put together several really dope tracks that we are now proud to share with the world.

We were rarely making these tracks in a vacuum. Friends and fam would stop by and things would gel (and many other projects are, incidentally, afoot as a result). We got some seriously dope songs together, six tracks in all (plus two instrumental breaks to 1) showcase Rockwell's production talents, and 2) to trick Spotify's algorithms into labeling the project an album). Big ups to CRAVE, Uxmar Torres, and Know Sage for making appearances on the record, and sincere thanks to Gabe aka Iowa Rockwell for providing the bedrock and inspiration for this record.

Quick story about the album cover/title BARtending: Iowa Rockwell was tracking vocals for Sage's (un)Stuck project and as they were chopping it up toward the end of the session Rockwell shared some of the (then very rough) tracks that I'm sharing on this project. They both listened to the tracks in apparent silence, and then when they finished Rockwell looked at Sage and said "Doc doesn't waste a bar..."

A high honor indeed from an artist I respect on the microphone as much as I do behind the boards.


And so the cheeky pun was solidified, and with a quick phone call to my cousin Will (and HUGE THANKS to Fitzgerald's Night Club for hosting the photo shoot, and my amazing/beautiful wife Kelly for the photo credit. Shameless plug to and who deserve your business.)

Love to you all for peeping.

Peace!  - Wattson


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