New Track!


Native Stranger Productions

Grasping To Catch A Hold....

A hearty hello!

For those of you just checking in, welcome! Please check out the records, the blog, the merch, and reach out and let us know what you think of our art!


Ronesh and I cannot stop vibing on these tracks. The new song KICK THE HABIT was actually finished back in the late spring, but I've been so busy focusing on career and exploring new creative avenues that I literally forgot about it! So in order to stave off the feeling of an entire year with no major releases, I decided to throw the single up. 

Don't get it twisted by the way, it has been pretty fucking far from unproductive here in the lab.


If you haven't yet peeped the new Mic Logik record AS I WAS SAYING (feat yours truly on the song SLICE) go cop it!

Enjoy the new single(s), and keep it strange! 




As low as $25/song.

For all studio rates


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