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Native Stranger Productions


It's difficult to express how excited we are for the next few months. EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING! 


Me and CRĀVE have been on one for the past year. More precisely we've been on like fifteen or sixteen. Iowa Rockwell has always been a master producer, but part of the ear of producing is exploring synergies. For a year or more before he'd insisted that he thought the two of us might gel on a few songs. He really just wanted us to get into a room together. And we did. Weekly. For four and a half months straight.

What emerged from this consistent creative exploration is not too far off of 'live-to-tape' as you can get. Most songs were written on site and recorded same day or within a week, and then we'd move on to a new vibe. Iowa Rockwell was fueling us with a set of insanely diverse and hard-hitting production, and we got through song after song in almost an improvisational way. Only very light revisions/revisits to polish up the tracks. The final project feels both incredibly solid but vaguely ethereal. Points of raw creativity mixed with just straight showcases of all our talents. Different aesthetics, different perspectives, but a unified sound.


Streaming on all platforms 4/20! We hope you enjoy listening to this project as much as we enjoyed making it. It's a tribute to creative energy and the result is literally and figuratively SUPERNATURAL.


MORE TO COME SOON! Meanwhile, go cop the CRĀVE/WATTSON - SUPERNATURAL on 4/20 on Bandcamp and streaming on all platforms.