New Track!
Doc Wattson (Prod.  Ronesh)
"Ode to the 3rd Eye"

Native Stranger Productions

I'm Really Hoping We Can Get Through This.

A hearty hello!

For those of you just checking in, welcome! Please check out the records, the blog, the merch, and reach out and let us know what you think of our art!


We are constantly creating, but sometimes a song is written without a home. I was inspired to create the above video "Ode to The 3rd Eye" based on my influences in the Oakland-based hip-hop collective Hieroglyphics. Hope you enjoy!


If you haven't yet peeped the new Ronesh record BASILICA (feat yours truly on the single ONE DAY) go cop it!

Enjoy the new single(s), and keep it strange! 




As low as $25/song.

For all studio rates


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