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I'm a Get It Right One Day.... (BY JUNE!)


A hearty hello!

For those of you just checking in, welcome! Please check out the records, the blog, the merch, and reach out and let us know what you think of our art!


Shout out to the homie Ronesh for 1) Being a generally amazing human being, and 2) dropping his latest project Basilica. He achieved a thing that has been in talks for the better part of a decade, he produced a song featuring Doc Wattson AND Mic Logik. 

Also worthy of note, JET SET ROULETTE (fronted by the incomparable TOBIN ROCK) released its second single to all streaming platforms yesterday. Peep the vid above the title bar, or click here to go to your favorite site.

Enjoy the new single(s), and keep it strange! 




As low as $25/song.

For all studio rates


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